Do These Good Ethics

Feel like a dumb jerk? It’s probably because you do game journalism and you don’t got ethics. Everyone hates you. You ruin everything. Try doing some ethics once in a while. Any of these ethics or all of them. Do them on a Kotaku or a Polygon, do them in the free time between your hug class and your thoughtful baby support group.

Say “no” when someone at one of your fancy game journalism parties crushes a rare NES cart into fine powder and offers you a rail to snort.

Don’t rig GameFAQs elections. You know Sephiroth is the best character.

Games journalism at work!!! If you ask me!!!Refuse to accept the many bribes that definitely come your way every week.

Stop tossing an Oculus Rift headset back and forth with one of your colleagues, just out of reach of a gamer standing between the two of you.

Write a game review that does not conflict with the opinion of anyone in your audience. Many of them have spent weeks or months on forums building hype for the game, and are certain it’s going to be great. Just as many think it’s going to be terrible, perhaps because it’s on a platform they

Staff Picks The Best Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops cost thirty times as much as similarly performing desktops. You can’t upgrade them because their cases are locked and only Prickly Pete has the key. They tend to be less portable than regular laptops, weighing anywhere between fifteen and eighty pounds. Buying a gaming laptop is a terrific idea.

You just need to be sure you’ve chosen the right model. Here are our staff picks, sorted by price. We recommend you buy the most expensive one you can afford, as every thousand dollars spent translates to an additional week before the laptop becomes obsolete.

MSI GhostPro ($2,300)

Benchmark Highlight: 24 fps movie playback

The GhostPro is a good entry-level budget laptop for poors who want to look like true pro gamers. Its keyboard is backlit by a dazzling rainbow of LEDs, which go a long way to alleviate the unit’s most egregious oversights such as the lack of an enormous tribal logo.

Alienware 18 ($4,694)

Benchmark Highlight: The cursor can do 300+ laps around the screen before my hand gets tired

Like all gaming laptops, the Alienware 18 was designed by a stoned tattoo artist. This model goes one step further. The entire

Articles > Video Game Article What’s Currently Working In Halo The Master Chief Collection

Sometimes a game is too busted to make fun of, its flaws so obvious that the game acts as its own observational humorist.

Pictured: Someone using functional software. In other words, sci-fi.

Enter Halo: The Master Chief Collection, from Microsoft (motto: “Push it out the door, these $99 Xbox Ones aren’t selling”) and 343 Industries, makers of Halo 4. You know, the video game that personified the question “Are you sure you care about Halo, and if so could you please tell us why?”

Pointing out that The Master Chief Collection is bad is akin to declaring that you are making a statement. No one is served by the effort. Technically a collection of four Halo games and their multiplayer components, The Master Chief Collection is in fact a menu that presents several buttons and submenus, each containing a fabulous array of errors and lock-ups.

The game was busted at launch and is still nowhere near fixed. In fact, it’s not even ready to be properly made fun of. That’s why I’m taking a different, positive angle today. Let’s celebrate the parts of Halo: The Master Chief Collection that actually work!

  • Once it has been placed

Hatred is More Extreme Than You Could Possibly Imagine

*Heavy metal riffs swell as a gun is cocked and a pair of rad shades are donned*

Hello, you pansies. This is an interruption of your regularly scheduled feature. We, the super tough badass studio behind Hatred, have taken control.

“Now where the heck did I put my gun’s trench coat?”Yeah, we’ve been banned from Steam. We’ll use that as a badge of honor. Like when a bad movie uses quotes from unfavorable reviews in its promotional material. That’ll show them all to fuck with us. That’s right, I said “fuck”. We’re very edgy and don’t you forget it!

How edgy are we? By now you might know that we follow a Neo-Nazi Facebook group. When everyone in the biased gaming media got worked up in a tizzy about this, we responded by explaining that we weren’t openly endorsing Neo-Nazis. We just wanted to use the radical group’s writing as one of our only sources of geopolitical news. It’s really not that big of a deal you wimps!

You might have also heard that several of our employees have been linked to other hate groups. If that offends your weenie liberal sensibilities, so be it. In fact,

Cityville Tips For Easy Game Play

Playing Cityville is a good way to escape from the pressures of daily life and will put you in control for a little while. You suddenly become the master of your own world and have the power to make huge business decisions or to show off your kindness by making the lives of your citizens happy. Simple Cityville tips to improve your game are easy and let you master the game straight away.

Take advantage of your friends. Add as many neighbors and you can to your game, check the news feeds for updates from the developer and leave a comment asking people to add you. You will suddenly have a huge neighbourhood of fellow players who will help you advance.

Visit the cities of your friends every day. You will earn a reward every day you stop by a friend, therefore the higher number of friends that you have means the more rewards you will receive. These rewards are great in helping you complete missions and to level up quickly.

Keep an eye on your news feed to see if any of your friends have shared their game achievements with you. Wall posts are an excellent source of coins and experience that

Procedures On How To Find a very good Online games On the web

When searching for an internet site . that gives best games, take note on the following signs. It needs to give you a wide selection of games from puzzles to action games to card games, shooter, strategy, match, word games, casino games-slots and the like, brain teasers, kids games, adult games, etc. There should be sub games too. For example brain teasers ought to have several games under it like quizzes, puzzles, optical illusions, crosswords, memory games, trivia, and memory games. Games however should have roulette, black jack,and other games that can be played in the regular live gaming facility. This will ensure you that the website is worthy of time that you invest taking a look at their products, not to mention advertisers.

Hot games don’t have to have a hot price tag. Most games are downloaded free in case you still do not know. Eventually you will see that all sites would claim that they can have the best games however it will boil down to the satisfaction that you simply as consumers experience in the sites. Your satisfaction rating needs to include the website’s ability to enable you to have hot games always. This could require the website

The Mystery of Game Testers

The industry of game design has been concentrating more on the visual aspect of gaming. Technological developments of the gaming world have been concerned with the way the game appears to the players. Most technologies are concerned with the responses of the gaming characters and attempt to make them appear as realistic as possible. The visual technologies have always tried to generate the best when it comes to visual Game Design. Game development experts have been incorporating the technologies used in television industries such as high definition and 3D in their games such that when the consoles are connected to compatible screens, they can portray a picture perfect moment. Before a game can be rolled out, it needs to be tested by individuals called game testers. To gamers this is a privilege that is rare to come by. The game tester is responsible for analyses of the performance of the game and the detection of problems in the gaming device that is being developed. There is a general desire in young gamers to start their careers as game testers, unfortunately not everyone knows what is needed to get into a successful track in game testing. There are several paths in

Video Game Services

Each of these subsets of the game development process is important in its own way. The design for any game is done at the outset when users, programmers and developers are discussing the planning for the game and who it will appeal to on the market. Next comes the programming phase where the game is actually created and developed by a specific team working against a set of specifications. The final stage before you see it in a store is the testing phase where professional testers will try to break the product before it goes live. Their job is key as they are the last line of defense before the game goes out into the world to be purchased by the paying customer. With any game development this always starts with the game design stage. This process involves designing the content of the game and the rules based on a pre-determined set of instructions from the business. Everything from characters, storyline and environment, to name but a few will be addressed and designed here. If you are a designer then you will need some artistic and technical expertise to make the ideas come alive. This design will start off with

A Better Insight for Video Game Design, Programming or Testing

Game design normally starts from an idea that someone has for a new game or maybe a follow up to an existing game that has proven to be very popular. The game is not the work of one person and initially the game designer would discuss with the other team members what direction the design for the game should take.

A document is prepared to outline what the game is about. What characters are involved and what rules are to be implemented. Game Design is all about creativity and coming up with ideas to make it better. The actual mechanics of the game would be discussed and dealt with as the development of the game takes shape. It is almost like a story board that is used by film directors before shooting a movie. Video Game Testing plays a very crucial role in the development of the game before it is released to the public. This function is designed to iron out any problems that may affect the enjoyment for the consumer. Video Game Testing may seem like a dream job for a lot of people but it requires a great degree of attention to detail and good communication skills to

Magic Online Championship Series

Hello, I’m Lee Sharpe, the Digital Product Manager for Magic Online events! Today I want to talk to you about upcoming plans for the Magic Online Championship Series.

The Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) is the flagship event series of Magic Online. It consists of tournaments throughout the year that culminate in a sixteen-player in-person Magic Online event where players compete for $116,000.00 USD in total prizes, an invite to the Magic World Championship, and Platinum status in the Pro Players Club. Who will join Anssi Myllymäki, Carlos Romão, Reid Duke, Dmitriy Butakov, Lars Dam, and Magnus Lantto as a Magic Online Champion?

Our goal for the Magic Online Championship Series to bring together players who have proven their success, whether in paper Magic or on Magic Online, and allow them to compete in Magic Online events with awesome prizes to highlight Magic Online as a great way to play Magic. Wizards brought together members from its R&D, Organized Play, Magic Online Business, and Community teams to make changes to MOCS to help better achieve this goal.

What is the structure of the 2016 Magic Online Championship Series?


Players can earn Qualifier Points (QPs) for top finishes in selected Magic Online queues, Leagues,

How game design can reduce stereotypes, social biases

The potential negative impact of games receives a lot of media coverage, yet research conducted at Dartmouth just published by Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, illustrates how games can have a positive impact in our society. The researchers use a new approach in game design– ’embedded game design’– to demonstrate how games can change players’ biases, reduce social stereotypes and prejudice, and engender a more complex view of diversity.

The work was conducted by Dartmouth’s Tiltfactor Lab, an interdisciplinary innovation studio that designs and studies games for social impact, and was led by Geoff Kaufman, now an assistant professor at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, who was a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at Tiltfactor at the time of the study; and Mary Flanagan, Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities and founding director of Tiltfactor.

Through embedded game design, which is a term the authors coined, an intended persuasive message is incorporated into the overall game’s content, mechanics or context of play, rather than making the message overt to the players. For the study, two embedded design strategies were tested: ‘intermixing,’ which combines “on-topic” and off-topic” game content to make the themes less apparent;

brain game has potential to help older adults remain independent longer

An international team of scientists has demonstrated that just one month of training on a “Virtual Week” computer brain game helps older adults significantly strengthen prospective memory — a type of memory that is crucial for planning, everyday functioning and independent living.

Seniors who played the cognitive-training game “more than doubled” the number of prospective memory tasks performed correctly compared to control groups that performed other activities such as music classes.

The promising results are reported by the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences which led the study, and posted online in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, ahead of print publication.

Prospective memory refers to the ability to remember and successfully carry out intentions and planned activities during the day; it also tends to weaken with age. Prospective memory accounts for between 50 — 80% of reported everyday memory problems, yet few studies have attempted to train or rehabilitate prospective memory in older adults.

What makes this study unique is that it’s the first to incorporate a “train for transfer” approach — essentially a training intervention designed to have participants practice performing real-world prospective memory tasks in simulated everyday settings and assess whether the cognitive gains transfer to successful performance at

Everything We Know About The Nintendo NX

Nintendo made headlines this week when it was revealed that their upcoming system (code-named NX) is already in the hands of third party developers. Most news outlets were focused on getting details about Cabela’s Big Hunt Babysitting Backgammon. I, on the other hand, was more interested in the console. Here’s everything I was able to gather.

An incredible photograph of an NX development kit. Note how the white screen indicates the power is on, and how discs are read one half at a time.The Nintendo NX will be made by Nintendo. Nintendo decided not to have the system designed and manufactured by another company, like Sony or Krispy Kreme.

Its code name is the Nintendo NX. This will be the final name of the system. Or it will change to a different name. Remember, Nintendo has had some funky code names in the past (Project Reality, Dolphin) and they usually settle on sensible, appealing names for their final products (Wavebird, Wii U, GameCube).

When will it come out? Our money is on a date that comes after today, October 21st 2015. To maximize their profits Nintendo will likely put the console on sale within 100 years of manufacturing the hardware. If

Play Blinky Fish EA’s Flappy Bird Successor

Flappy Bird may be gone, but Blinky Fish promises to offer just as much quality and depth of gameplay. Emboldened by their monetization efforts in Dungeon Keeper and Plants vs. Zombies 2, Electronic Arts believes that Blinky Fish will be their next tentpole franchise. Although the game is still early in development, EA was kind enough to share a fully playable build with our audience.

Instructions for Blinky Fish build 1.0:

1. Tap or click the game screen directly below these instructions to start playing.

2. Tap or click Blinky (the fish) when he blinks – and ONLY when he blinks – to increase your total score by one point.

3. Tapping or clicking at any other time will reset your points to zero.

Patch Notes for the upcoming Blinky Fish 1.1 release:

  • Implemented a visual representation of the user’s score.
  • The amount of time between each blink is roughly 24 hours. We believe in empowering our customers, however. If users want to shorten this interval they can buy and spend Blinky Bux from the EA microtransaction store to do so. Five Blinky Bux (ten actual dollars) will supercharge the experience and make sure that the next blink happens within one

Thief A Guard’s Patrol Log


It’s my first night as a guard here at Plot Point Manor, but I can already tell this is going to be a sweet gig. There’s only one path that a criminal could possibly take through the property. Once you get past certain checkpoints, it’s physically impossible to go backwards. How? Beats me. There must be some magic at work protecting this place. Even the act of climbing onto ledges and windowsills is limited to specific anchor points.


Well that was an interesting start. My route took me past a door where two people were having very explicit sex. They kept describing the act in detail, and seemed to repeat the conversation as if on a loop. Well, I suppose no one can say this manor isn’t mature.

Curiously, the volume of their conversation didn’t lower as I walked away. I need to get my mind off them. Think I’ll go find another guard and talk about penis piercings. No, I am actually going to do that in great detail and if a thief happens to be nearby they will hear the conversation.


Huh. That was weird. I was just standing with my back to a door when

Patch Notes Dark Souls II

Dark Souls has a reputation of being very difficult, but fair. Patience and observation are rewarded. Death typically comes on the heels of overconfidence. The series is more about understanding your limitations than button mashing your way through a grinder. With the first official patch for Dark Souls II, however, From Software seems to have thrown all sense of fairness out the window.

General Updates + Fixes

  • Added a small cloud to hover over the player’s head. It never stops raining.
  • Imported a few key features from other games. Players now start with malaria like the protagonist in Far Cry 2. Unlike that game, there is no medicine to treat the disease in Dark Souls II. Upon death, players must wait while the Valkyrie from Too Human descends and does its thing. Also added the timer from every bad game with timed missions. They all run at the same time and result in a game over upon reaching zero.
  • Tweaked the dodging mechanic. Now when you roll there is a 33% chance that your healing items will fall out of your pocket and break upon the ground. 100% of the time you will jam your keys against your tailbone.

Realistic Expectations For This Year’s Biggest Games


Best CaseYou know how Borderlands sort of works because shooting and random loot and light RPG mechanics are a good combination? Imagine if all the parts being combined were actually good.

Worst CaseMad with power after firing longtime composer Marty O’Donnell, Bungie becomes self-aware and terminates all employees, sarcastically wishing them luck in their future endeavors. The shipped game isn’t even a disc, but a pink slip. You’re fired and you don’t even know it yet.

Most LikelyA very slick and enjoyable co-op game in which you stop every few moments and think “Isn’t that a Star Wars character?”

Batman: Arkham Knight

Best CaseThey were kidding about this being an even bigger (Why???) Arkham game with driving. It’s actually a Silver Age game with a strong, colorful art style and streets populated with citizens. A larger game in terms of content density and player expression, not the size of the map.

Worst CaseThey weren’t kidding.

Most LikelyAnother enjoyable Arkham game with way too many collectables.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Best CaseWonder and discovery distilled into video game form. Battles that play out

Oculus Wants to Make a Billion Player MMO and Two More Wishes

“Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe just told an audience at TechCrunch Disrupt about one lofty possibility for the pair: building a massively multiplayer experience for one billion simultaneous users. ‘This is going to be an MMO where we want to put a billion people in VR,’ he told attendees.”
– The Verge

First of all: Of course the event was called Disrupt. Of course.

Second: Haha, holy shit.

What’s the core concept of your game?

Great question. Basically the idea is it’s going to be a zillion times more successful than anyone else’s game. That’s the concept. It’s very compelling. This is subject matter that we truly care about. A billion people is a lot of people, so it’s going to have that many players at least.

Well, what’s it about?

Don’t know, don’t care. When the time comes we’ll buy some people to figure out the unimportant details.

Something else stood out to me:

“Do you want to build a platform that has a billion users on it, or only 10, 20, or 50 million?”

Screw the PC and consoles. They’re small potatoes. Oculus and Facebook seemingly want to take that sweet cell phone market and… put a VR headset on

Valid Reasons For Not Buying Transistor

1. You’re An Asshole

A big, stupid asshole with a bad face that no one likes.

2. Gameplay Variety And Customization Really Piss You Off

You gain new skills at a steady rate. Each one can be used as an active ability. Or placed on top of an active ability to lend it additional properties that are unique to each combination. Or slotted as a passive ability to augment your character in even more ways.

You’ll have access to stuns, chaining projectiles, stealth, summons, backstabs, dashes, area of effect explosions, debuffs, charms, shields, traps, life steals, pulls, and more stuff than I could remember off the top of my head. All of which can be granted the core ability of another skill. For instance, you might want to have a dash with a reduced casting cost that causes an explosion at your destination. My personal favorite was a long distance chain shots which bounced between every enemy in a room and dealt damage over time.

Trying out different combinations unlocks information on characters, encouraging you to give everything a shot. It looks like you might get something for trying every single combination of skills. Why am I not sure? I have

The MMO Currency Comparison Chart

One Copper () is roughly equal in value to one pair of Shredded Skeleton Warrior Yoga Shorts.

One Silver () is roughly equal in value to ten Copper, or three Elemental Bear Diaries.

One Gold () is roughly equal in value to one hundred Silver, or fifteen Premium Vendor Trashes, or half an hour running laps in a field waiting for the same monsters to respawn so you can kill them by mashing the same buttons.

One Intergalactic Credit () is roughly equal in value to three Copper, or half a Womp Rat Heart, or one tenth of the cost of repairing a low level Roast Chicken, or the two seconds of pleasure that you experience after equipping a cool piece of gear before throwing yourself back into the mindless treadmill.

One Tater () is roughly equal in value to five Intergalactic Credits, or a rare quality backpack armor, or half a ride on the Dire Carousel Transit System, or three Robot Meats, or the fee that you pay a trainer to learn how to pick a flower off

Questions That Must Be Answered at E3

E3 is happening next week. Heck yes. I genuinely love the entire obnoxious, terrible spectacle. Give me more press events sprinkled with condescension, cool surprises, technical screw ups, outright lies, and awkward humor. They’re great. I really mean that.

Even when E3 is at its absolute lowest and it makes you feel rotten about the direction of the industry, an unintentional honesty occurs every time companies find themselves in the position of addressing their audience and the things they think that audience wants.

Mortal Kombat X: Actual footage!!! (of a render)“Here’s why you should be excited about our games! It’s a meaningless tech demo of an old guy’s face. Or maybe you’ll enjoy a weird dude talking about police brutality as we dim the lights. Or a clearly pre-rendered video that we’re passing off as actual gameplay. We don’t think you’re smart enough to know the difference. Or maybe it’s a developer playing their video game on stage, pretending to be surprised by something that happens, because the game is just that dynamic.”

Let’s say you don’t share my fondness for the ridiculous on-stage presentations. E3 is still

Predicting the World Cup With Zelda A Link to the Past

Every year a bunch of sites load up the latest Madden game, turn on the AI for both teams, and use the outcome to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. People eat it up. I thought I’d do something similar to take advantage of the World Cup’s popularity, but there’s a problem.

It’s not that I don’t own a soccer video game. Football Manager is right there in my Steam library. It’s installed and working just fine. I can even understand most of the words in its menus. The problem is that it’s last year’s edition. With an out of date version of Football Manager, any results I derive from the simulation will be inaccurate and completely meaningless.

This is why I have chosen the next best option while simulating today’s World Cup predictions. It’s my favorite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Australia vs Netherlands

What a great matchup. Australia is capable of putting as many as eleven players on the field at once. When asked if they would prefer to win or lose the match, Netherlands says that they would like to win. You’ve got to love that attitude.

Lunk wakes up in

Divinity Original Sin Reviewed

“See that mountain way off in the distance? You can actually go there.” We’re repeatedly told this scenario is a mind-blowing example of player freedom. Start walking towards the mountain. Five minutes later you’re there. Look around for a few moments. Now maybe find another place to walk to or have the same fight you’ve been in a hundred times. Congratulations on all this freedom.

Divinity: Original Sin offers a different kind of freedom. The freedom to be a thieving, environment-altering dumbass. It’s not about how massive the game world is. It’s about being able to do very stupid things at any given moment, and having those stupid things impact every other part of the game from dialog to stealth to combat.

What do I mean? Every object can be interacted with. Most can also be picked up and moved or thrown. Every object also has properties that you’d expect in real life. A candle can be stolen from a wizard’s lab and laid down on top of a pool of oil to start a blaze. Place a barrel on that fire and it will burn. If the barrel is full of water it will put out the fire when the barrel

Out with the Old Genres, in with the Educational Smut

These genres represent the majority of video games on the market right now:

  • RPG
  • Shooter (with RPG elements)
  • Open World (with RPG elements)
  • Atmospheric Exploration (with RPG elements)
  • Survival/Crafting (with RPG elements)
  • Open World Exploration Survival Shooter (with RPG elements)
  • RPG (with RPG elements) (does not include Dragon Age 2)
  • Character Action (with RPG elements)
  • Simulation
  • “Humorous” Simulation
  • Stealth (with RPG elements)
  • Sports (with RPG elements)

Sometimes it seems like that’s all we’re going to get. All of game development history has led to this point, and everything has been figured out. Now it’s time to make stuff bigger.


In truth, there are tons of new experiences waiting for us. We just need to explore untapped genres such as:

  • Educational Smut
  • First Person Street Magic
  • Rhythm-Based Sobbing
  • Yelling At Dogs (both elements procedurally generated)
  • Grippy Grabber
  • Bomb-Disarming Phrenology
  • Skeleton Warrior Speed Dating
  • Open World Nodding
  • Ghost Writing Last Words For Hack Authors And Buzzfeed Contributors
  • Stealth Dance
  • Cover-Based Cowering
  • Workplace Safety Video Reenactment MMO
  • My Father The Toilet
  • Games Where You Stylishly Shoot And Stab A Billion People To Save The Universe, But You Only Have Control Over Your Character’s Eyelids (controller